Spring Lawn Care

Spring will be here in a couple of weeks, and outdoor living is going to be popular in 2017, we are already experiencing unusually warm weather for February which is leading to very early garden growth. Lawns are starting to grow rapidly too. So what can we do no to ensure a great lawn for 2017?


This is the perfect time to get your scarifier out and remove that excess thatch from your lawn. It may be time consuming and a bit of labour but the results are definitely worth it. Scarifying now is good because the lawn will make a quick recovery in the next couple of weeks, and you soon will be having spring barbeques. Scarifying is a technique known to remove the subsurface thatch that often can;t be seen by the naked eye, but if you feel any thickness or bounciness on your lawn you will definitely have it. Thatch is a natural growth that occurs on all lawns, so every now and again (preferably twice a year) you need to scarify.


Also good to do before you scarify is to Aerate the lawn. This is especially true if you are going to hollow tine Aerate. As any cores left on the lawn can easily be collected by the scarification process. If you have a fork it is good to regularly Aerate your lawn throughout the growing season. Here at Acer Lawn Care we use a hollow-tine Aerator which removes thousands of cores from the lawn which really rejuvenates the lawn for action.

Grass Seed

After a thorough Aeration and Scarification it would be a good idea to over seed your current grass. This will help a speedy recovery and spring new life into your lawn. It would be good to use a seed spreader to ensure a good thorough coverage of the lawn. Once doing this to prevent all the birds from arriving and eating all your work 🙂 You can get some top soil from a local garden centre and put it over the top.


And finally to make sure all this works gives the best result, try to give your lawn a good watering every day for a couple of weeks. Of course if it is raining then you don’t have to, but just make sure you do not water in full sunlight as this can cause scorching.

Not got enough time? Use Acer Lawn Care

Of course, if you don;t have the tools or time to do the jobs above, why not give us a call or you can click here for an immediate quote. We can come round and give you a no obligation friendly quote and turn your lawn in to something beautiful.