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At Acer Lawn Care we pride ourselves on our top class lawn care services. We have a range of options that can help any lawn get into tip top shape.
Out lawn care program consists of 4 treatments throughout the growing season of your lawn. This includes Spring (Mar-May), 2 treatments in Summer (Jun/Jul & Aug/Sep) and a final treatment in Autumn (Oct-Dec). The spring and summer treatments are primarily targeting grass growth and health. And the final treatment in Autumn focuses on preventing Moss growth and protecting grass roots through winter.
For many lawns Moss can be a real thorn in our lawn. For this reason we offer Scarification services to help reduce and potentially eliminate moss from your lawn. As moss will continually grow it is wise to have a scarification at least once per year. Scarification removes thatch from your lawn, this is primarily what the moss grows on, by removing the thatch you are removing the prime home for moss, it also allows the soil to "breathe" better and encourages strong grass growth.
Over time every lawn becomes compacted, whether you walk on it or not. To help break up the ground and put some oxygen into the soil we provide our Aeration service. An Aerator removes thousands of small cores of soil from the ground, this helps with thatch removal and to break the ground up to encourage lawn health and growth.
Our lawns in summer tend to be perfect breeding ground for fungus. Likely you have seen mushrooms popping up all over the place. You may also have notice unsightly patches on your lawn or what appears to be grass that has withered. This is because we have warm wet summers, and we often forget to clean our lawn mowers regularly. To tackle this problem we provide fungicide treatments which can either be a preventative or attack an existing fungal problem.
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Key Benefits of a Lawn Care Program

By having the 4 treatments per year will guarantee that your lawn looks at its best all year round. Obviously results do depend upon the quality of your soil and mowing habits, but with the proper advice it is easy to have a lovely looking lawn. If you opt to have the gold program which includes scarification and aeration, you are ensuring a beautiful lawn year after year.

  Improve the health of your lawn
  Remove unwanted weeds for a beautiful lawn 
  Green up and thicken the lawn, 
  Be the envy of your neighbours
  Hassle free year round lush lawn

Our trained green keepers are NTPC licensed (PA1 & PA6) to a high standard. They also have many years of experience.
There is not a lawn that we have not been able to help, 100's of satisfied customers testify to our good work.
We will never stand still and be contented with our service, we are consistently trying to improve and bring about even better long lasting results.
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