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In Spring we use the time tested and proven practice of delivering an industrial grade NPK feed that we have manufactured for our company, this is used to provide nourishment for the grass and get a better colour in the lawn. The fertiliser is distributed using professional equipment designed to feed the whole lawn without patches or lines, it is also vital to avoid scorching. After analysing your soil, we can decide whether to add calcium to enhance the soil’s ability to break down the nutrients provided. Along with the vital feed, we will also be spraying an herbicide which will kill any weeds currently present, but not affect the grass.
The feed selected for Early summer, is specifically designed for “no scorch”, it is generously delivered throughout the lawn, the purpose being to make the most of the weather conditions which are warming up and providing more sunlight. As with the spring treatment a selective herbicide is used to kill off any weeds that have grown since the last treatment, also specific summer weeds start appearing so these are sorted as well.
In Late Summer it is important for us to use a special “slow release” fertiliser, the granular pellets are coated specially so they do not dissolve immediately into the soil, this allows for longer lasting effects whilst the weather is getting drier and hotter. It also prevents scorching. Because it is coated we are able to distribute a greater amount of fertiliser for each lawn. As per usual with all our treatments we spray any weeds that are existing at the time.
As Autumn gets here and winter approaches, the lawn has a number of struggles ahead. One is frost, to tackle this we spray a root hardening treatment which helps keep the grass hardy in the colder months. The second battle is Moss! Unfortunately, there is no spray that can kill moss, so we spray it with a compound that dehydrates the moss. This allows for safe removal via lawn raking or Scarifying. During Autumn and Winter many of our customers opt to have additional services including Scarifying and Aerating.
Also known as ‘Dethatching,’ lawn scarification will remove the root cause of moss from your lawn – thatch. For more information go to our Scarifying page. Hollow-Tine Aeration removes thousands of cores from your lawn, removing the majority of the subsurface thatch present in your lawn. This process differs from Spike Aeration which simply pierces the lawn all-over, For more information go to our Aerating page.
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Key Benefits of a Lawn Care Program

By having the 4 treatments per year will guarantee that your lawn looks at its best all year round. Obviously results do depend upon the quality of your soil and mowing habits, but with the proper advice it is easy to have a lovely looking lawn. If you opt to have the gold program which includes scarification and aeration, you are ensuring a beautiful lawn year after year.

  Improve the health of your lawn
  Remove unwanted weeds for a beautiful lawn 
  Green up and thicken the lawn, 
  Be the envy of your neighbours
  Hassle free year round lush lawn

Our trained green keepers are NTPC licensed (PA1 & PA6) to a high standard. They also have many years of experience.
There is not a lawn that we have not been able to help, 100's of satisfied customers testify to our good work.
We will never stand still and be contented with our service, we are consistently trying to improve and bring about even better long lasting results.
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