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Every garden across Britain has moss, but having moss in our lawn is something we really want to avoid. If left untreated it runs rampant to the point where you will not feel like you have any grass in the lawn.


To control Moss, we provide a autumn/winter treatment that can be done between October - February. During the colder months moss will start creeping into your lawn or spread if it is already in it, so we use a liquid treatment which dehydrates the moss to prevent its growth, the treatment usually remains effective for about 2 months, so you may wish to have an additional winter treatment outside of our standard program to control the moss in your lawn. 


Moss absolutely loves thatch, it is a breeding ground to allow moss to get out of control on your lawn. If you want to drastically reduce moss in your lawn then you are best choosing to have a scarification, this service removes thatch from the lawn, also taking a large amount of moss at the same time. But without the thatch moss will not be able to spread like it does when heavy thatch is present.

When you combine our autumn/winter treatment with scarification and preferably aeration as well, your grass will win the battle for supremacy on your lawn, and will look amazing in no time.




Key Benefits of a Lawn Care Program

By having the 4 treatments per year will guarantee that your lawn looks at its best all year round. Obviously results do depend upon the quality of your soil and mowing habits, but with the proper advice it is easy to have a lovely looking lawn. If you opt to have the gold program which includes scarification and aeration, you are ensuring a beautiful lawn year after year.

  Improve the health of your lawn
  Remove unwanted weeds for a beautiful lawn 
  Green up and thicken the lawn, 
  Be the envy of your neighbours
  Hassle free year round lush lawn